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With more than 40 years experience in the manufacture of Rotary Milking Platforms, Dispatch & Garlick Ltd have the experience and quality product to give you years of service with minimal maintenance.


Rotary Milking Platforms are renown for being the least labour intensive form of milking for medium to large herds.

We manufacture and install Rotary Milking Platforms ranging in size from 24 to 100 cows. 


With rotation speeds variable from 6 to 11 minutes you can milk your herd quickly and efficiently.


Dispatch & Garlick Ltd Rotary Milking Platforms are a great environment for cows and the operator.


Cows stand in an individual stall/bail, separated from each other, this provides a secure environment.  Content and happy cows seldom muck in the dairy.


Dispatch and Garlick Ltd Rotary Milking Platforms provide a clean and uncluttered centre for your desired brand of milking equipment. This design makes servicing the milking equipment and the addition of related technology products easier to install.


Deckports through the deck eliminate rubber-ware hanging over the outside of the platform and provide excellent cluster alignment.

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Rotary Platform Specifications

*  Galvanised steel structure with 100mm concrete 1650mm to 2350mm wide
       (Galvanised steel or Stainless steel Chequer plate Deck optional extra)

*  Steel Heavy duty rollers and nylon thrust rollers at 1.4m centres
       (All Nylon Roller system available, rollers at 1m centres)

*  150mm Track with 16mm wear strip fully welded to the underside
       (Nylon roller systems use 180mm track with no wearstrip)

*  Steel Bails constructed from 20nb, 25nb and 50nb galvanised steel pipe
       (Hot dipped galvanised option available)

*  Stainless steel 0.9mm skirt around the platform

*  Drive units, rubberised drive wheels and SEW-Eurodrive reduction boxes

*  Stainless steel console with LCD display for platform speed

*  Danfos Variable speed drive

*  Custom size platforms for export or larger cows


We can customise the Rotary Platform to suit your requirements, custom bails and mounting for associated milking equipment.


We can supply and install in most locations in the world. Having supplied Rotary Milking Platforms in the UK, Mexico, Denmark, Australia and China.

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